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Behavior Technician Hiring and Training


BehaviorMe, uses the immersive power of VR to train and test care givers in the best working practices so they may provide the highest level of care for their severely autistic patients. This training experience puts care givers into a variety of real world situations they will routinely encounter while on the job, some of which they may not have ever had any prior experience with. After completing the training experience, the behavior technician will be equipped with the tools and knowledge need to handle the many of the challenges they may face while providing superior care for their autistic clients.

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XR Preparation Safety Training


MindGlow’s Safety Preparation Training, helps employs address dangerous situations and implement helpful solutions to increase an organization’s safety levels. Though the use of VR, the goal will be increase retention while teaching the best course of action for the worst case scenario.

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Experience the evolution of the human brain from brainstem to neocortex and stimulate brain function with a virtual brain-machine interface, the Neuron Wand. This virtual reality experience is an educational tool for anyone to begin learning about the complex, but increasingly important field of neuroscience in this critical phase of humanity's evolution as we begin exploring brain-machine interfaces.

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Stanford Huberman Labs



Huberman Labs, NeuroFear, is a research study that learns more about fear by identifying the neural circuitry underlying it, and pinpointing the component circuits’ settings during episodes of fear. In the long run, the research also hopes to help people gain more control over irrational fear, a response that can get tripped off so often or so severely it hampers healthy coping.

Here’s an article for the study: FearAndAnxiety


Byers Eye Institute

Eye Recovery Clinical Trial


The Byers Eye Institute, Eye Recovery Clinical Trial, is an application that will help diagnosed patents with glaucoma to recover their vision by reducing intraocular pressure. A procedures generally require less immediate postoperative care and have less risk than trabeculectomy.
Within the application the user will be in a room with canvases covered by a black image. When the user is done with a stimuli which is part of their treatment, they are rewarded with a famous painting.


Infographic for United States Water Usage