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Always curious, and always building.

We focus on creating immersive experiences, AR/VR, and consultations.

We’ve developed in academic, training, medical, gaming and optimizations of existing projects.


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We worked with Gamehearts to bring our XR Safety training products to life. Their expertise in game development and design made working with them easy, collaborative, and enlightening. They have so much knowledge in VR and gaming that you’ll learn new ways to make your experience better.
— Neilda Pacquing, CEO, MindGlow
Gamehearts have an incredible ability to tailor game design to new and unconventional experiences, using their expertise in game design to think outside the box and providing creative solutions to complex problems.
— Fifer Garbesi, Director/Producer, Neuroexplorer VR
Troy and Julian at Gamehearts are rock stars in the making with a dash of Pulp Fiction “cleaner” attitudes! BehaviorMe found itself in quite the predicament when their current VR software was not up to par with expectations for an important date. We hired Troy and Julian to start from scratch and they hit the ball out the park. Not only was the product beautiful, but it worked exactly or even better than we could have ever imagined it ourselves. Needless to say, we keep Gamehearts on speed dial when we need a pair of professional “hitmen” for our VR needs.
— Andy Chavez, CEO, BehaviorMe


From quickly building a concept, to polishing those fine details.

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