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Multi Platformed Gaming Engines

Unity3D, Autodesk Stingray, Unreal

Web Development

HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Node JS, Javascript, WebGL, Mongo DB, Javascript

Rapid Prototyping

Award winning app challenge and hackathon development.

Device Integration

When there is a new innovative technology Gamehearts is there to design, develop, and deploy on it. From mobile phones to holographic displays, we are passionate about finding ways to solve problems with these cutting-edge devices.

  • Virtual Reality

    HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows VR, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard/Daydream

  • Augmented Reality

    Mobile augmented reality utilizing the Vuforia, ARkit, and ARcore Unity3D

  • Mixed Reality

    Hololens, Google Tango, ZSpace virtual holography

responsive devices


Nuematic Digital

Stanford Medical Hospital: Lucile Packard Children's Hospital - Chariot Program Games

Stanford Medical Hospital: Huberman Labs - Fear Factory



Oculus Launchpad: Best Education Application - NeuroExplorer VR

Google Tango App Challenge : Most Usefull Application - Dino Labs

High Fidelity Hackathon : 2nd place - Attack On Titan VR Experience

Microsoft Holohacks : 2nd Place - Connect 4

ZSpace App Challenge 2013: Winner - Escape!

responsive devices


Gamehearts Developers

Joseph Lang

Joe has worked at Stanford University Department of Clinical Anatomy for 3 years. There, he headed the research and development lab, enhancing courses with innovative technology. He has a vast experience examining new devices and utilizing them for real world applications. His web portfolio can be found here:

Troy Allen Norcross

Troy has worked for a Japanese mobile game company, creating custom tools to help automate artist's tasks. He designed a completely new method of interfacing with environments and UI while working on a 3D model viewer for cardboard VR. A brilliant full stack web developer, Troy has built back end servers and front end user interfaces. His web portfolio can be found here:

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